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Help those living in poverty feel human again by supporting them with aid, shelter, education and mentorship.

The current reality

The growing population in Pakistan

The problem is that the population of Pakistan is rapidly growing which makes it challenging for the government to provide reasonable healthcare services.

As a result of such extreme poverty, fathers leave their families and move to the city for work, sending all they have back home to feed their families. For some, children are left to fend for themselves in order to find food and shelter out of necessity.

22.6 Millionย 

children aged 5โ€“16 that are out of school, including 5 million being of primary school age.

15 percent

That's the infant mortality rate in Pakistan, making it 66 deaths for every 1,000 births.

The Noor Project: Comprehensive Overview

About us

Breaking the cycle of poverty

We are committed to seeing a new era of children and adults in our lifetime break the cycle of poverty and create a community that sees the dignity of humanity once again.

Join us as we connect your life & success to the change of someone who will break generational poverty. ย Weโ€™ll leverage your generosity to create systems of change that last, to provide dignity to those in poverty and give them a way out to build a life and give back. ย 

Experience the joy of knowing that your success is helping others feel the dignity of being human again and breaking a cycle theyโ€™re trapped in.

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