Memorial trust hospital

Your generosity is the fuel that will allow us to keep this project moving forward, and, Insha Allah, provide essential care to hundreds of thousands.

The problem

Give the gift of hope, health, and smiles

The on-site clinic and pharmacy under The Noor Project are out of capacity to deal with most of its beneficiariesโ€™ medical problems. Thus, many have to be referred to other hospitals, which unfortunately, are not affordable for them, remaining helpless due to their poor financial conditions.

The solution

Noor memorial trust hospital

The Noor Project is constructing a 60,000 sq ft, 60 bed, 6-floor state-of-the-art hospital in Khaliqabad, Pakistan. The goal of this hospital is to provide complete treatment and quality medical facilities to our beneficiaries who cannot afford other hospitals.

There are almost 32 villages in the surrounding area (within 20km of TNP) and the population of the villagers is approximately 172,440. There are almost 23 societies in the same surrounding area of The Noor Project. within them are 74,100 houses with an average of 6 family members per, making their population 444,600, 231,620 of which are our beneficiaries and the population that Noor Memorial Trust Hospital will serve.


We plan to open the hospital in spring 2024

Phase 1 - $200,000

The first phase of the project includes the purchasing of land which has been completed

Phase 2 & 3 - $2,000,000

Grey structure and finishing will be the second and third phase of the project.

Phase 4 - $1,600,000

Purchasing of furniture and equipment for the hospital

Running costs for 2 years - $1,400,000
How we will help

Our departments

Our health program will be able to support over twenty departments that will solve over a hundred health problems

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