The Noor City Housing Project

Invest in the hereafter. Buy an apartment and donate to those in need.

The problem

Help those escape poverty

You can provide impoverished families housing for only $12,000 per apartment. We’ll help equip their communities with the tools to escape poverty and become self sustainable.

Our impact

The impact of Noor City Housing Project

These apartments are temporary housing for families. The Noor Project raises the marginalised families above the poverty line by supporting them short term until they become self-sufficient. When they become self-sufficient and can afford permanent housing, the next batch of families are enlisted and moved into our building.

Helping 100 families

Six members per family will live

600 community members

Enrolled each year

Onsite services:

Underground utilities
Rainwater drainage system
Kitchen equipped with appliances
Grocery store
Electric and gas
Garbage disposal system
Security system
Playground area
Filtered water
1 or 2 bedroom options