Girls home

Providing a safe haven for orphaned girls, this program addresses their needs by providing housing, meals, education, healthcare and other necessities.

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Improve the quality of life for our beneficiaries by allowing them to taste good food while also helping ensure they have the basic necessities needed.

About the program

Caring for them in the best way possible

A project like this does not only require great responsibility and care, but also requires great sensitivity when dealing with children like this. It is important to understand that their needs and requirements are more complicated than those of the ordinary child raised in a healthy and privileged household. Owing to this we do not label our project as an โ€œorphanageโ€ but rather call it a โ€œgirlโ€™s homeโ€ because it relays the very essence of what we wish to accomplish, not a building that merely houses these girls, but to provide them with a place they feel safe, loved and truly cared for -A Home.

Our impact

The impact of girls home

The goal is to now allow for more girls to be taken cared for. The number of girls that currently reside in our girlโ€™s home are 80. Out of these 80 girls, some are orphans or have single parents who are unable to provide for them anymore and 85% of these girls have no one but us to call their family.

Insofar, we have a farmhouse that we redesigned to help us cater to the 80 girls who live in our home right now. a total of 18 number of girls shares a single room, with each room painted a different color to help add a little whimsy and lighten the mood of the home. Furthermore, each bed room has a connected bath. The girls have a prayer room, a library, a computer lab, a dining room, a kitchen, barbeque area, play area, swings and beautiful plants.


Girls currently reside


Orphans or have single parents

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