A tool to alleviate poverty, a way to empower the poor particularly our women to start their own enterprise.

About the program

Providing interest-free loans

We introduced Microcredit, which will help our vocational students to set up and expand their small business through interest-free loans. This loan will lift their family out of poverty. When they pay back the loan, the money can be cycled to more beneficiaries, getting more families out of poverty.

Loan recipients support themselves through their increased income, as well as employing others and generating business. It helps low-income households to stabilize their income flows and save for future needs. In good times, microfinance helps families and small businesses to prosper, and at times of crisis it can help them cope and rebuild.

Our impact

Impact microcredit program has had

Microcredit has proven itself as a strong stimulant to economic development. It is an investment in people that pays back many times its initial outlay.

We did a humble start and disbursed different loans to our vocational students to purchase stitching machines, to setup a small parlor, to buy the electrician kits and to purchase laptops.


Worth of loans disbursed to vocational students.